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Creatively Designed Books

Publication design can take many forms and fulfill many needs. In the case of these examples, the criteria for the projects involved a book format and design that captured the unique flavor of the subject matter.

The Historical Geography volumes needed to adequately display the varying shapes of the heart of the subject, the maps. The design also called for incorporation of lengthy text that needed to be accurate and appropriately placed to supplement the maps. A unique "calendar fold open" book approach was implemented.

The project also called for some very specialized writing, editing and proofing, which Tom Cross Inc. was able to provide through its professional affiliates network.

Volume One was so successful that a Volume Two was also completed. Volume Three is in the data collecting stage.

The Chronicle of Florida's Gulf Coast needed to accommodate a diverse gathering of text, charts, maps, illustrations and historical photographs in a format that conveyed the classical field guide feel of the publication. An imaginative use of traditional and digital design and illustration techniques proved to be the solution.

The Drawing Music (enlarged image) project needed to depict the sketchbook like quality and emphasis on spontaneity associated with this book about the master musicians and students at the famous Tanglewood facility of New England.

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