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Fairy Garden: Fairies of the Four Seasons

A book of Charm and Enchantment from Tom Cross

FAIRY GARDEN: Fairies of the Four Seasons is a book for anyone and everyone that wants to feel the magic inherent in the world around us. It is for the young and the young at heart. Drawing much from the charming Flower Fairy™ books of Cicely Mary Barker that first came into the public eye in 1923 and whose popularity endures yet today, FAIRY GARDEN: Fairies of the Four Seasons is filled with art that is rich in lightheartedness and laced with exquisite detail. Steering clear of the darker forms of "faerie", this book intentionally offers up the sweeter side of fairies that need to have a place in everyone's childhood and should linger long into the memories of becoming an adult, a parent and a grandparent.

The clever words and poetry of Constance Barkley Lewis have beautifully captured the inspiration and intent of the art as well. These are the fairies of our youth: innocent, fun-loving and as much a part of nature as sunflowers in full bloom on a hot summer's day.

Fairy Garden : Fairies of the Four Seasons
Created and Illustrated by Tom Cross
Poetry by Constance Barkley Lewis
Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing
96 pages, 9"w X 11" h
List Price: $24.95

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