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Tom does accept commissions for both private and corporate clients. Be they portraits, figurative or a loved one placed in a scene or turned into something wondrous; or be they whimsical or traditional "sittings", such creations always incorporate that enchanting Tom Cross look. Commissions have included traditional portraits, imaginative transformations and elaborate magical places full of familiar family and friends.

To commission a portrait, an initial phone consultation is arranged with Tom to discuss portrait size, concept and price. Once agreed upon, a modeling and photography session is arranged. Tom prefers to work from his own photography, but use of client photography is also a possibility when an in-person photo session is not possible or impractical.

Once the modeling session is completed, Tom will design a preliminary layout of his concept for the painting to be approved. When approved, work will commence on the painting.

As the painting nears completion, it will be shown for any touch-up and final approval. For expediency, unless it is a local setting, it will be shown by a mailed color print or emailed digital image. When completed and approved it will be delivered to the client.

If desired, a frame will be commissioned for the painting.

The finished work is a true art treasure to be enjoyed for generations to come...

Original commissions range between $1,400 and $20,000. If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, please contact us.