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In the Works

The Everyday Tree
A full color children's picture book.
The Everyday Tree is the story of two children and their search for the true meanings of holidays, as most have been lost, forgotten or turned into a 3-day weekend. Through their discovery of an old house on an island, and its inhabitants, The "Professor JABU" and friends, the children are introduced to the Everyday Tree and its wondrous ability to turn everyday into a holiday by placing on it a symbolic ornament that celebrates the "specialness" of that day.

Be it a fallen leaf, a photo of a puppy hugging, a saxophone, a worn torn shoe or a peace sign, their exploration into the stories the tree has to tell leads them to a history lesson on the origin of holidays and an awakening of their own inherent abilities to make each day a holiday in its own unique way.

Oracle Cards
Two exciting new projects are in the works with writer Marcia Zina Mager , author of Believing In Faeries. (http://www.marcia-zina-mager.com/)

The Hidden Kingdom
Guiding Light from the Faery Realm
The deck, inspired by Marcia Zina Mager's international best-seller, Believing in Faeries: A manual for grown-ups, CW Daniel, 1999, is comprised of 49 lushly illustrated cards. The deck offers readers an easy, hands-on oracle system to assist them on the spot in all areas and challenges of life. Check back here for news of a release date and purchasing information.

The Wizard's Oracle
How to be a True Wizard in Everyday Life was created especially for young people; for those passionate readers and lovers of the Harry Potter books, The Lord of the Rings, and the vast collection of fantasy literature. The Wizard's Oracle is a dynamic hands-on guidance system that utilizes an exciting divination deck and an accompanying instruction manual. It is, in its essence, a charmed learning tool that teaches the "wizard in training" the secrets to navigating more easily, more creatively, and more successfully through life's ongoing challenges and surprises. Check back here for news of a release date and purchasing information.

Places That Should Have Been series
Imaginatively crafted images of places, and "people", that look for all the world to be too fantastic to be true, yet tickle at the edges of our memory as awfully familiar, as "places that should have been..."

The Lord of the Rings
Ongoing creations of some your favorite places, scenes and characters from Tolkien's masterpiece.