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Annual & Technical Reports

Publication design can take many forms and fulfill many needs. In the case of these examples, the criteria for the projects involved statistics, performance information and multiple contributors whose components had to be organized, edited and worked into the overall design that was crafted to accommodate the varied components of the project. Tom Cross Inc. acted as facilitator as well as providing all the usual design and production services associated with such a project.

The National Park Service Recreation & Conservation Division (Southeast Region) annual report incorporated the contributions of nine different state programs into a attractive and well organized publication that highlighted the various state by state projects.

The annual report, SARASOTA BAY 2000: A Decade of Progress incorporated a cost-saving use of 2-color pages with a 4-color cover and interior 8-page color signature. This approach effectively allowed for the display of essential color photographs and graphics while keeping the project well within it limited budget.

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