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Publication Design

Publication design and production can be a very complicated process. Tom Cross Inc. prides itself on the quality of its diverse staff of creative professionals and consultants to make both the product and the process extraordinary and effective.

From working with the client to identify their needs, choose the best publication format, create an appealing design and then implement it, Tom Cross Inc. has a long and proven track record with many notable organizations and companies. But it does not stop there. We also offer in-house illustration, pre-press and printer liaison services, as well as writing, editorial and proofing services via the use of a very talented network of professional consultants. Tom Cross Inc. ensures you a quality product that by ushering your publication through the entire process from concept to completion.

Newsletters & Periodicals
Map-Fold Brochures
Creatively Designed Books
Annual & Technical Reports

Please browse the pages above to see examples of some of the different kinds of projects we have worked on. And don't hesitate to contact us about your next project.